Postcards from Santorini


Santorini is a picture of perfection. Towering volcanic cliffs are spotted with white washed buildings, blue-domed churches and pink bougainvilleas while the Mediterranean Sea sparkles below. During sunset, oranges, pinks and yellows fall over the island in an ethereal glow. … Continued

Paros, A Grecian Summer Paradise

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Paros’ charm is everything you would expect in the Cyclades – sandy beaches, whitewashed villages with winding cobblestone streets, cafes and restaurants overlooking the fishing harbour and plenty of churches and historical sites. It’s a quaint but authentic Greek island … Continued

Stop telling me how busy you are

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*First published by The Huffington Post We’ve all said or heard it. When someone asks how we’re doing the default response is often: “Flat out” or “Busy, so busy” or “Work just doesn’t seem to end!” Busy has become the … Continued